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The teachers assembled their classes in the gymnasium. Laborers required raising of a salary of the manager.

Pilot is in intensive care. Willingness to correct is a sign of wisdom.

Franklin talked too much. That'll be difficult.

I'm a university student. The boat is attached to the anchor by a chain. Can you guess what happens next?

Perry wrote Drew a letter in French. Phil keeps her jewels locked up in the bank. I followed Clifford into the house. I think you know which one I'd buy. I already read all the Harry Potter books. It's official business. The timing is perfect. Did you take notes? Every non-trivial program has at least one bug. I don't believe Shahid's story.

Takeda always shows his anger openly. Polly and Darci aren't likely to ever see each other again. I was flat broke. It's good to be able to concentrate single-mindedly on one's work. But one becomes completely forgetful of the people around oneself. I've come a long way to see you. You've omitted the preposition in this sentence.

John seems very honest by nature. Maybe Timothy doesn't like me. They wondered what to do first. I had lunch with them. It was only when I met him that I realized his true intention. Now, it so happens that I'm afraid of flying. I bet you know this. He asked me where his book was. Don't expose this chemical to direct sunlight. Don't make me do it.

Has she ever fallen in love? I knew you would tell Tuan about what we did.

Partisan politics is getting in the way of necessary finance reform. So do I.

Spread the news! We're going to have to take a look at that leg of yours. From what you're telling me, it sounds like it might be gangrenous. Oh My God! I left the wallet in my room! Lar is very resourceful.

Greetings, old friend! Because he invited me. We can count on her.

Does anybody have anything to say? It is a student's business to study. I never really understood what that meant. It was pitch-black. Which newspaper do you work for? Music started playing in the restaurant so there was a real romantic mood. What I wanted was water.

Either of the two roads leads to the station. I don't enjoy studying because I don't make any progress. I'm the captain of this ship. Dan had a life insurance policy worth six hundred thousand dollars. We had some questions. Skip isn't good at telling jokes. Mother will be furious for sure! He looks after us. Can you contact Rafik?

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. I forgot to call them. It seems likely that people in the city will move to the country. The pizza tasted good.

Suu was beautiful. The appropriate age for marriage is around eighteen for girls and thirty-seven for men.

There is a danger of serious injuries if these precautions are not followed. In Switzerland, spring comes in May. Betty said he'd never been in a motorboat. I don't feel like going out on such a day. It doesn't change the facts. We are classmates. We all know that it's better to keep early hours.